Saturday, July 19, 2008

Search Only a Specific Site

Googility uses Google Custom Search to provide its search functionality. Consequently, you can use all of the advanced Google search functionality to modify your searches to get just the pages you really want.

The Google Guide web site provides a very thorough but readable overview of all of Google's features. The advanced operators description includes descriptions of all the keywords you can add to a regular Google search.

I think for Googility users a useful operator is the one that lets you specify a single site to search. To search only the AgilityNerd blog for articles on the Front Cross you type "front cross" into the Googility search box. It would get you these results (click the image for a better view):

As you can see only articles from the AgilityNerd blog containing "front cross" are displayed.

So if you want to search a specific site use the "site:" operator. You might also take a look at Google Guide for even more tips to make searching the web even easier.

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